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We are a Ukrainian company that uses modern intensive technologies for growing agricultural products. The area of leased land is located on the territory of 18 village councils and is constantly growing.

What do we produce?

Our directions

Plant growing

We grow grain and industrial crops on an area of 19,000 hectares. We use No-Till technology and minimal tillage technology, precision farming.

The Cherry Orchard

The area of the intense cherry orchard is 130 hectares. The following varieties of cherries are offered: Lutovka, Krymsk dessert, Melitopol dessert.

Apple garden

The area of intensive apple orchard leaves 67 hectares. The following apple varieties are offered: Airlie Geneva, Red Free, Delicia, Golden, Simirenko, Gala Mast, Champion, Jonagold, Pinova, Beni Shogun

Vegetable growing

We grow vegetables and melons: Onions, Cabbage, Potatoes, Carrots, Beetroot, Pumpkin, Watermelon. The area of drip irrigation under vegetable growing is 255 hectares. Products are stored in refrigerators. The implementation period is August – May.

Vegetables storage

A modern refrigerated vegetable store with a capacity of up to 10,000 tons of products. Equipped with a computer control and management system.

Shock freeze

We offer frozen products of our own production: Cherry, Pumpkin, Apple.


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85032, Donetsk region, with. Dobropolye, st. Stepnaya, d. 5


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+38 050 595 92 15

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